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Printing t-shirts can be a great way to promote your band, especially if you’re on a tour. According to statistics, band t-shirt printing can help you increase the chance to be remembered after the gig by 60%.

With us, you can have a great choice of both garment types and printing techniques. With all of the printing techniques available, including Screen Printing and DTG, we can perfectly recreate your designs and create the best quality custom T-Shirts.

band t-shirt printing

We offer great deals whether you’re looking for small or medium runs which means that you don’t have to bulk order 100’s of T-Shirts which you potentially won’t sell. You can choose any type of garment including cotton, or even bamboo t-shirts. Depending on the garment you choose, we can suggest the best fitted printing techniques for your band merchandise. 

With our printing possibilities, your imagination can go wild! You can add some shimmer and sparkle with metallic screen printing or perform in the complete darkness with clothes printed using our glow in the dark technique. Our sales team will be able to find the perfect product that will help you create unique and cheap band t-shirts in the UK.

We’ve listed a few benefits below:

  • Band t-shirt printing can make your band more recognisable and helps to build a community of fans and followers.
  • It is also a free way to market and promote your band. If your fans and followers wear your personalised band t-shirts, or hoodies – it’s a great way to spread awareness of your music. Our cheap band t-shirt printing service can make it happen with the lowest price. 
  • It can help promote your social media pages – if you decide to personalise your band t-shirts with your social media handles, it’s a great way of building online views or followers.

With Last Minute T-shirt Printing you can make the best band T-shirts delivered all over the UK. We can provide you cheap products without compromising on the quality. With over 20 years of experience in printing, our sales are always ready to help you. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services and prices. 


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