Bamboo T-Shirts

Show your company’s environmental responsibility by choosing promotional products made of ecological and environmentally friendly material.

T-shirts made from natural bamboo fiber are very soft and nice to the skin, giving a feeling of comfort. Bamboo T-shirts can maintain the natural temperature of the body, preventing hypothermia, or overheating; it allows the skin to breathe, absorbs the smell of sweat. It also serves as a reliable barrier against ultraviolet rays and has special antibacterial properties. T-shirts made of bamboo do not stretch and do not fade when washed, maintaining a presentable appearance for a long time.

This fabric has an excellent composition. Fibers do not contain harmful components, are pleasant to the touch and gentle to the skin. Do not cause irritation and negative reactions.

Bamboo T-shirts are suitable for the following printing techniques:

VINYL - cad cut printing for names and numbers and sports T-Shirt printing

NOT suitable for:

  • All Over T-Shirt Printing

Properties of bamboo fabric:

  • Moisture absorption: Bamboo fabric absorbs moisture from your skin, while the skin remains dry.
  • Hygienic: Bacteria almost do not live in this garment. Thus, it does not smell even after a few days, unlike synthetic fabrics.
  • UV protection: UPF 40 – reduces the impact of harmful ultraviolet rays, which makes it ideal for leisure and travel.
  • Super soft: Bamboo is softer than cotton, as cashmere is softer than wool, and has a number of other good additional qualities.
  • Thermo control: Bamboo fabric is warm, thanks to its hollow microfiber, but it is breathable.
  • Antistatic: Bamboo fabric fits very well on the skin, and does not cling to it.
  • Sensitivity: For sensitive or allergic skin, bamboo is ideal. It is also antifungal. Many say that this is the only solution for sensitive skin.

Why is bamboo considered an eco-friendly garment?

There are several reasons why this fabric is considered eco-friendly:

1. After the garment is processed, there are NO chemicals in it (therefore, they will not get onto your skin; what happens in the case of ordinary fabrics).
2. The process of production of this fabric does not harm the environment.
3. the product is certified (high quality is guaranteed).

The production process consists of 4 main steps. First, the bamboo leaves and the soft part of the stem are mechanically milled. The resulting mass is immersed in a solution of soda hydroxide and then, the homogeneous bamboo mass is solidified and formed in the thread from which bamboo yarn is made.The fabric obtained from such threads is called bamboo viscose. The vast majority of bamboo fabric, which is sold on the world market, is produced in China by chemical means. It is used as a rule in combination with cotton for the production of high-quality expensive clothes and linen for children and adults.

There is also bamboo fabric produced without chemical treatment at all, and yet it looks great. To obtain a bamboo thread by mechanical means (it is also called bamboo flax), the bamboo stem is kneaded and brought to a homogeneous mass with the help of natural enzymes. Then the fiber is combed and formed into threads. In the production of bamboo flax chemicals are not used. Bamboo flax fabric is 100 percent natural and eco-friendly. It is almost perfect: antibacterial, deodorizing, elastic, breathable and moisture wicking and is used for the production of drapery fabrics, bed linen and clothing.

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