Express Custom Logo T-Shirts

Custom Logo T-Shirts

Printed workwear

Express Custom Logo T-Shirts or Printed workwear is a great way to increase your brand awareness. Branded T-shirts as part of your employees’ work uniform can ensure your brand name will be remembered.

There are plenty of printing techniques and garments you can choose for branded work shirts, all depending on your design preference and budget. We have options for cheap t-shirt printing, using non-expensive brands and printing techniques that can best fit your pocket depending on your required quantity. If you have a small design, logo embroidery can be a stylish solution, we recommend here a minimum order of 25 t-shirts to minimize the cost per unit, due to the set-up fee. For orders less than 25 units, we usually advise DTG or Vinyl printing. If you require an industrial work uniform, we also have a reflective printing technique that can help you design hi-vis shirts.

Why Choose Us

100% Organic

If you’re looking for a sustainable solution, we can help with that too! Choosing our organic cotton or bamboo t shirts will minimise the environmental impact and ensure the soft feel on the skin. We can also print your logo using water-based screen printing which is free of plastics and PVC. Our eco-friendly options won’t just ensure that your company sends the right message to the customers, but will also feel nice and soft on the skin, the water-based printing technique provides a stylish look and a soft finish.

We are committed to give our best services

We specialize in Printing Techniques for a full array of garments and non-textile products

We work with 14 different brands including Continental and Fruit of the Loom. We have selected the brand Continental mainly due to its fair share collection. The aim of the FAIR SHARE range is to pay all workers a living wage. Although it is a slightly more expensive option, we believe that it is worth the difference when the economic support to hundreds of families across India is taken into account.

We are also the best when it comes to express orders. If you need your work shirts on the same day, we will make sure you have them. Our customer service team, with over 20 years experience, can also advise you on the best choices for your needs. If you’re not sure about the choice of garment or printing technique, you can order a sample first or request a photo for approval. We also always send a mockup design for you to approve before sending the work to the printers.