Urgent T-Shirt Printing Case Studies

Our Express Service offers a quick turnaround within 3 days, including Same Day and Next Day delivery, subject to your order details and subject to our stock.

For very urgent jobs and subject to our stock levels, printing capacity and your order details, it's possible that we can also offer a Same Day and Next Day service. We will advise you if we are able to meet your deadline once we have received your Quote Request.


Look what we did for the brand Clarks in London. They were after urgent t-shirt printing services in London:

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Clarks case study last minute t-shirt printing London

“Last Minute T Shirt Printing helped with an Express Order of screen printed and transfer printed polo shirts for the brand Clarks during an event in Regent Street London.
Our Express printing Service delivered 50 Screen Printed Polo Shirts on a next day basis.
We Love It!”

They required customised polo shirts for a branding event in London. They were taking over a department store on London Oxford Street. They required a combination of printing techniques, and over 100 of them, with different printing needs. So it wasn’t a straight forward polo shirt printing service.

And they needed them tomorrow. Their order was paid at 3pm on DATE. And we took on the challenge, sourced the polo shirts, arranged delivery to us for 9am the next day, juggled our other printing jobs to fit this in, and then had a cup of tea, and went home for the night, setting our alarms for 7am. The next day we started printing the polo shirts, and then at 10am, as we were preparing for a 4pm delivery to central London address the phone rang. It was Clarks again. They needed an extra 40 polo shirts adding to their express polo shirt printing order!!! Are you serious we asked. Yes, they replied.!!!

So the alarm bells rang and out came the super express team from last minute t shirt printing.co.uk. We ordered more polo shirts on a same day service, from our London based t shirt supplier, and had them delivered to our print house the same day (same morning in fact) by 12pm.

We continued to prepare the artwork and print the polo shirts, whilst drinking more tea…and at 3.15pm the polo shirt printing was finished and the polo shirts were packed into boxes and dispatched by courier to the central London delivery address. Now that’s why they call us last minute t shirt printing and that’s why Clarks were glad to find us when they needed express t shirt printing London.


​Brixton Buzz was created in December 2011 and is an organisation that publishes hundreds of listings for events in and around Brixton every month in addition to covering local news, sports and politics. They also hold regular events in and around London to raise funding and awareness for people in need. As an example, in the past they’ve put together big benefit concerts to try and raise funds for Brixton people fighting to keep their homes.


Gerlinde contacted us when she needed 100 white t-shirts for a fundraising event she was organising. The event was an annual occurrence, to rally the local community to stand up and fight back against the laws, legislations and government activities that were deemed unfair and oppressive.


We decided that the best way to print their designs was to use screen printing. This technique involves squeezing ink through a silk screen that can be reused over and over again. This means that each print will be the same colour ensuring consistency for Gelinde’s designs.

​ Screen printed T-Shirts for the TT Store

​Gary is a big time motorcycle and car enthusiast. He set up The TT Store to provide fellow enthusiasts with retro motor vehicle related printed clothing.
The TT Store is the site if you love the great machines of the 20th century. Their customers are made up of sports car, motorbike and aviation enthusiasts looking for designs that have a ‘retro’ style and reflect the vehicles of the previous century.


​Gary originally contacted us with a large and complicated order. The visual he sent through was very specific and the job needed to be done to his exact specifications.

This is not a problem for Garment Printing. We advise our clients when they need guidance and offer graphic design services where necessary but occasionally the client knows exactly what they want and already have experience with the printing process.

We quoted Gary, offering a large discount as it was a big order and we wanted to continue working with him over the coming months and years. He needed many garments printed, from T-Shirts to hoodies, with many different designs, which, for some companies could be a problem, especially given the fixed deadline. However, here at Garment Printing, express orders are not a problem, in fact we’re very used to completing such orders in a short amount of time.

Due to the high quantity, and considering the designs were quite intricate in places, we decided on screen printing as the technique to go with. Screen printing remains to be the best choice for large orders due to the economy of scale – the more you order, the cheaper it will be, especially if you are within our price breaks.

After a lengthy visual approval process, in which there were many changes and alterations, we eventually went to print with only days until his deadline.

Gary was thrilled with the results. He received the order on time and was very pleased with the print quality and the service he’d received.

We continue to work with the TT Store, printing orders from them every couple of months.

​“We do many retro motor related events, some booked at short notice. We must have quality silk screen printing with a quick delivery. I’m happy to report Garment Printing delivered on both counts and the quality has been faultless on both occasions.”

​Gary Bigwood

​The TT Store


​Brixton Buzz was created in December 2011 and is an organisation that publishes hundreds of listings for events in and around Brixton every month in addition to covering local news, sports and politics. They also hold regular events in and around London to raise funding and awareness for people in need. As an example, in the past they’ve put together big benefit concerts to try and raise funds for Brixton people fighting to keep their homes.


​The New Forest Marathon director, Andy Daish, contacted Garment Printing after their original T-Shirt supplier had let them down just days before their next event. It was Thursday, September 23rd and they required 5,000 printed T-Shirts before their event began on the following weekend. This meant that we had an incredibly tight turnaround time with a high number of printed garments required.

Originally, the client requested that all 5,000 T-Shirts were printed with four colours on the front and the back of the sports jersey, but with such a tight deadline, this simply wasn’t possible.

We contacted Mr Daish and within a couple of minutes we had come up with a solution of printing the sports tops with a two colour print on both the front and the back. The T-Shirts were white so this meant that we didn’t have to go through a pre-treatment process and this meant that we could have all the T-Shirts printed and delivered just before the event.

Once the customer confirmed the order, it was instantly sent to our printing location to ensure that there was no time wasted. We managed to get all of the garments printed and sent to the customer using Express Delivery and the customer received the entire, completed order with two days still to spare.

​“A professional and efficient company which delivers on time and on budget. Garment Printing were absolute lifesavers when we were let down by another T-Shirt supplier at a very short notice.
The team at Garment Printing designed, created and delivered within days, creating a fantastic product which our customers loved!”


​The New Forest Marathon


​The Client
Financial Services Expo has been designed to cater specifically to an ever-changing industry. The landscape of the financial industry is constantly adapting, and so are the professionals that work within it – that’s why FSE is tailored to help intermediaries get the most out of the event.
FSE takes a wealth of industry knowledge and brings a market leading line up of high street lenders and a huge range of industry exhibitors under one roof.


​Front Events needed personalised embroidered aprons to use as their staff uniforms for the Financial Services Expo. They wanted the staff to look smart and professional as many big brands and figures would be coming from the financial industry. For this reason they chose to embroider their logo in white lettering on a black apron and the result was just what they were looking for.

​​“We would highly recommend using Garment Printing, the quality and service was outstanding.”

​Laura Calcroft

​Operations Manager at Front Events


​The Client
​Partnership is the first and the longest established UK insurer specialising in the design and manufacture of financial products for people whose health and/or lifestyle means that their life expectancy is likely to be reduced.
They cater for clients with a wide variety of lifestyle habits and health conditions, from the relatively minor, such as a smoking habit and high blood pressure, to the more serious, such as heart failure, stroke, diabetes, kidney failure and cancer.


​Garment Printing was contacted by Partnership for an Express same-day print request. They wanted some quality personalised caps with their logo printed and delivered to their London offices by a stated time, ready for a London corporate event.

Express orders are something of a specialty for Garment Printing. We have an expert team who are quick and efficient in handling clients’ orders and delivering top quality printed garments on time. Express orders can be complicated as there are many things that can go wrong, when they do, we are quick to act so that the client isn’t inconvenienced in any way.

We decided on high-quality laser transfer printing as it’s perfect for quick, next day, express printing and offers great results on white products.

We decided to print onto our Beechfield BC010 5 panel cap as it is a great canvas for transfer printing.

The printed caps were produced within 10 minutes of receiving the order and were shipped out on a same-day delivery service within London and delivered to the client in time for their London corporate event.

​“Great service on the printed caps, which was much appreciated. Given that we literally had no notice period, it was a job very well done!”




​The Client: WordPress’ WordCamp in Madrid

On the 22nd and 23rd April, Madrid hosted one of WordPress’ notorious WordCamp events.

All of us have visited a WordPress powered site, in fact, due to it’s clean, easy-to-use software, many of us have our own WordPress site. In fact, it powers over 75 million sites on the web, for free. Naturally, the software has created quite the community, all keen to learn and share their tech knowledge. The very well-attended event known as a ‘WordCamp’ was born in 2006 in San Francisco and has since been held all around the world at various times throughout the year.

Everyone from casual users to core developers participate, share ideas, and get to know each other.

​The Challenge:
WordPress contacted us in the weeks running up to the WordCamp event as they needed 300 personalised T-Shirts with 2 designs to be used as giveaways and to be worn by the staff.

As it was a large order, screen printing was the best option for the printed T-Shirts as it comes out much cheaper than other printing techniques. They opted for royal blue and red T-Shirts with the logo printed on the front so that those wearing them and the stand would be easy visible to all the attendees.

People came from all over Spain and further afield to take part in Madrid’s WordCamp. It was the perfect place for startups, developers, bloggers and businesses to network, discover, and generally geek-out whilst picking up a few freebies on the way.

The personalised printed T-Shirts were the perfect promotional product to offer as those who picked them up (most likely almost all the attendees) would put them on and promote the event and the free CMS, WordPress.

​The result:
The event was a huge success and the client was delighted with the printing and delivery services that we were able to offer.

​“We were really happy with Garment Printing T-Shirts. They did a very good job!”


​About The Parliament Project:
The Parliament Project is a non-partisan project to inspire, empower and encourage women to run for political office in the UK.  They run workshops and webinars to demystify the process for women wanting to get involved in politics and online peer support circles to support women’s political ambitions more deeply. The Parliament Project is active across England and Scotland aiming to increase the female representation in all levels of politics to 51%.

​Custom Tote Bags As Event Giveaways
The Parliament Project ran a fantastic event in Edinburgh for 100 Scottish women to gather to celebrate the suffrage centenary and to make a plan for how to achieve gender balance within Scottish politics.  They used printed tote bags to give out at the event to all those that participated to remind themselves daily how powerful they are!

We used Screen Printing to achieve the best results for both light and dark colour garments. This printing technique applies ink directly onto fabric using mesh screens. Screen Printing is one of the most competitively priced clothing and Garment Printing techniques for large volumes and offers you a vibrant Pantone Colour Matched print.


​The Client
Stamford Bridge Stadium is home to Chelsea Football Club and has a great capacity of nearly 42,000, making it the eighth largest ground in the Premier League. Naturally, with such a large capacity, they see millions of people pass through their doors every year and have a host of food vendors, bars and cafés to cater to them all.

The Challenge
The client contacted us here at Garment Printing for an express order which needed to be printed and shipped out in two days. The client was in charge of ordering personalised workwear for all the food vendors around Stamford Bridge stadium.

They needed 150 black T-Shirts with six different designs, one for each of their different food outlets. They required a quality T-Shirt and a durable print in order to make a great impression on the public. There was no margin for error with such a tight deadline, however we regularly receive orders like this and pride ourselves on being as efficient as possible.

The challenge for us on this job was that the client needed to see a sample of each before she went ahead with the order. This isn’t possible with screen printing, as the screen set up fees are very expensive. We could have easily sent a sample out using a different printing technique, such as vinyl or transfer, but this wouldn’t represent the final screen printed design.

Of course, we managed to come up with a solution and give the client what they needed.

We opted for screen printing for this job, as it gives a top quality print and is very durable in the wash, which is essential for work wear. We chose the Gildan GD01 T-Shirt because its price, colour range and quality cannot be matched.

As the client wanted a sample, we came up with a solution that was risky but effective. It required a team effort from the entire chain of production, from the sales team, through the production line and even including the client herself.

As each design went to print, the production team took a photograph of the first print to come off and paused production. This was then emailed to the client who approved each one before we continued. The challenge here is that once production has started, it’s difficult and costly to stop, so the time window was literally 5 minutes. The client was on call to receive and approve each photo as they came through and it worked very smoothly.

​“Thanks so much, they are perfect, really good quality, I really appreciate all your help and patience. Thanks again.”


​​PA to General Manager and Deputy General Manager.


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