How To Make A Cheap T Shirt

How to choosing the right garment color

Choosing the right garment color can be a huge cost saver. The cost of creating a colored garment is higher compared to a plain white t-shirt, which is the reason you might want to choose the second option. Furthermore, most of the time, a colored garment will require pre-treatment before printing to ensure that the ink will settle into the fabric and the colors will not fade but will stay bright and vivid. Whether with the white t-shirt, you can print directly on it without any additional layers and therefore, no additional costs.

There are many things that we take into consideration when providing you with the price: the color of the garment, the number of colors in the artwork, its size, and of course the type of printing technique. If you would like to make a cheap t-shirt, there are certain things you can do to cut the cost.

If you’re looking to order cheap t-shirts in bulk, then the best price-saver would be to use screen printingScreen Printing is one of the most competitively priced clothing and Garment Printing techniques for large volumes, and offers you a vibrant Pantone Colour Matched print. 

You might also think that you can make a cheap t-shirt by buying your garments separately. Although we do offer print-only services, from an economic point of view it might not be the cheapest option. We get garments at a trade rate and also pass the discounts on to our customers.

If you’re looking to make printed t-shirts for a charity, then we can also offer 20% off of all orders! We will also be happy to support the work that you do and provide you with the best advice on how to use your budget in the most efficient way.

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