Team Building T-Shirt

Building a culture of teamwork is very important for your company’s performance, therefore no detail is too small! Printed t-shirts can come in handy to break the ice and also make your staff feel as part of a bigger team with common goals. Whether you’re planning a sports event or a simple picnic and board games, team building t-shirts can surely increase the team spirit. You can give your staff the freedom to choose team names, catch phrases and maybe even design their own t-shirts.

Printing Techniques

You can have any team building t-shirt design. Our multitude of printing techniques available can help you free your imagination and design something truly memorable. For sporting events we usually recommend cad cut vinyl as this technique is perfect for printing numbers and names, but you can easily choose screen printing if you’re planning on buying t-shirts in bulk – this technique will allow you to design team shirts for cheap. If you have strict brand guidelines, then DTG can make a great option as it will allow you to have the exact colours that you wish, rather then choosing a close Pantone match. 

Team building t-shirt design can also be executed using our embroidery technique. This will give a stylish look and a long-lasting result that your employees will be able to wear for years and maybe even become a ‘voluntary’ uniform.

Sustainable Team Building T-shirts

If you’re a sustainable company, you can design your team building t-shirts to reflect just that. With us, you have the choice of eco-friendly t-shirts and also water-based printing that can be used on them. We work with a number of suppliers that can provide you bamboo, tencil or even recycled polyester t-shirts. If you choose the Continental Clothing range, you can save 7 kilograms of CO2 with a t-shirt or up to 28 kg with a hooded sweatshirt.

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