Unleash your wildest stag do outfit ideas on our canvas of t-shirts. With our array of services, you don’t have to limit your creativity. Choose from short or long sleeve t-shirts, round or v-neck styles, crafted from a variety of materials including polyester, eco-friendly bamboo, and Tencel.

Personalised stag-do t-shirts are perfect for getaway parties, making an ideal opportunity for an epic photo and conversation starters. After the party, everyone can keep their stag do t-shirts as a souvenir. If you intend to invite over 25 people, we have great deals on bulk t-shirt printing

Make it shine!

Imagine your stag do crew in matching glowing t-shirts in the middle of the dance floor. Using our glow-in-the-dark or reflective printing technique you can make your stag a roaring success. If you want something extravagant, you can try our glitter vinyl printing. These t-shirts can make sure that no one will get lost in the middle of the night!

Image source: Growing a jeweled rose

outfit-ideas glow-in-the-dark-tie-dye

Puff printing

If a conversation starter is not enough, you can go for the puff or flock printing technique, both irresistible to touch. These methods create a 3D effect and a soft feel that ensure comfort all night long.

outfit-ideas puff-screen-printing-2

DTG photo printing

Classic never goes out of style. Printing funny pictures of your friends on stag do t-shirts will never get old, and you surely have a big collection to choose from. If you’re concerned about environmental impact, we can suggest using water-based screen printing, combined with bamboo t-shirts or recycled polyester.

Combining printing techniques

Why stop at one? Combine puff printing with glow-in-the-dark inks, then top it off with a DTG print. It’s your special day, so go wild – such design will surely be remembered.

If you can’t decide on the printing technique and garments, get in touch with our experts who can advise you on the best choice based on your preferences and budget. Our team has over 40 years of experience in printing and can help you with any printing needs. Contact us today for a quick quote!

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