Look what we did for the brand Clarks in London. They were after urgent t-shirt printing services in London:

“Last Minute T Shirt Printing helped with an Express Order of screen printed and transfer printed polo shirts for the brand Clarks during an event in Regent Street London.
Our Express printing Service delivered 50 Screen Printed Polo Shirts on a next day basis.
We Love It!”

What they require:

For a branding event in London, they need custom polo shirts tailored to their specifications. They were taking over a department store on London Oxford Street. They required a combination of printing techniques, and over 100 of them, with different printing needs. So it wasn’t a straight forward polo shirt printing service.

And they needed them tomorrow. Their order was paid at 3pm on DATE. And we took on the challenge, sourced the polo shirts, arranged delivery to us for 9am the next day, juggled our other printing jobs to fit this in, and then had a cup of tea, and went home for the night, setting our alarms for 7am. The next day we started printing the polo shirts, and then at 10am, as we were preparing for a 4pm delivery to central London address the phone rang. It was Clarks again. They needed an extra 40 polo shirts adding to their express polo shirt printing order!!! Are you serious we asked. Yes, they replied.!!!

So the alarm bells rang and out came the super express team from last minute t shirt We ordered more polo shirts on a same day service, from our London based t shirt supplier, and had them delivered to our print house the same day (same morning in fact) by 12pm.

We continued to prepare the artwork and print the polo shirts, whilst drinking more tea…and at 3.15pm the polo shirt printing was finished and the polo shirts were packed into boxes and dispatched by courier to the central London delivery address. Now that’s why they call us last minute t shirt printing and that’s why Clarks were glad to find us when they needed express t shirt printing London.


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