Gary is a big time motorcycle and car enthusiast. He set up The TT Store to provide fellow enthusiasts with retro motor vehicle related printed clothing.
The TT Store is the site if you love the great machines of the 20th century. Their customers are made up of sports car, motorbike and aviation enthusiasts looking for designs that have a ‘retro’ style and reflect the vehicles of the previous century.


Gary originally contacted us with a large and complicated order. The visual he sent through was very specific and the job needed to be done to his exact specifications.

This is not a problem for Garment Printing. We advise our clients when they need guidance and offer graphic design services where necessary but occasionally the client knows exactly what they want and already have experience with the printing process.

We quoted Gary, offering a large discount as it was a big order and we wanted to continue working with him over the coming months and years. He needed many garments printed, from T-Shirts to hoodies, with many different designs, which, for some companies could be a problem, especially given the fixed deadline. Here at Garment Printing, we handle express orders with ease, accustomed to completing them quickly.

Due to the high quantity, and considering the designs were quite intricate in places, we decided on screen printing as the technique to go with. Screen printing remains to be the best choice for large orders due to the economy of scale – the more you order, the cheaper it will be, especially if you are within our price breaks.

After a lengthy visual approval process, in which there were many changes and alterations, we eventually went to print with only days until his deadline.


Gary was thrilled with the results. He received the order on time and was very pleased with the print quality and the service he’d received.

We continue to work with the TT Store, printing orders from them every couple of months.


A side profile of a woman in a russet-colored turtleneck and white bag. She looks up with her eyes closed.

We do many retro motor related events, some booked at short notice. We must have quality silk screen printing with a quick delivery. I’m happy to report Garment Printing delivered on both counts and the quality has been faultless on both occasions

​Gary Bigwood​, The TT Store

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